MYA Freeze Hose: A New Experience

Too hot for hookah? Cool it down with MYA!

Our patented MYA freeze hose is a great way to beat the heat. This popular cooling effect is typically achieved by adding ice to the water in the base. As simple as it sounds, dealing with ice can be quite a hassle. The water level needs to be adjusted, the stem needs to be removed, and if the ice melts too quickly, you have to go through the whole process again. That is why the brilliant minds at MYA created the MYA freeze hose to simplify the process.

The MYA freeze hose gives you that chilled hookah experience without all the hassle. Unlike ice cubes that melt in the sun, the freeze hose comes with sealed, reusable icicles that fit neatly into the handle. The MYA freeze hose is available in leather or silicone and comes in a variety of colors. We also have a long handle option. Just like any other of our hoses, our freeze hose will last you a lifetime.

Whether you're in it for the flavor, big on texture, or all about the atmosphere, there are so many ways to spice up a session with our hookah accessories. What’s your favorite way to enhance your experience? Share your hookah hacks with the community on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook!