Introducing MYA's XFunction Technology

Experience the Difference!

Tired of headaches, burning in your throat, and nausea while smoking your hookah? Experience the MYA MX Function Difference. Introducing our state-of-the-art, award-winning, down stem which will change everything you know about the modern hookah in revolutionary ways

Purging with a Standard Down Stem

When you purge stale smoke from a hookah with a standard down stem, the heavy gases have no way to escape as they get trapped between the water and the stem gasket.

These trapped gases are what cause unpleasant side effects like headaches, lightheadedness, burning in your throat, nausea,  and harshness, which will only get worse as you continue to smoke.

Purging with our MX Function Down Stem

With the MYA MX Function Down Stem and the use of your purge valve, you can now get rid of trapped gases along with the harsh, stale smoke from your hookah. Begin the MYA MX Function by blowing into your hose to automatically purge your hookah through your bowl. Continue to do this as needed.

How To: Control the Flow of Smoke with your MX Function and Purge Valve

When purging the smoke and gases out of your hookah, you may need to adjust the purge valve opening to control the amount of smoke/air going out of the top bowl.

If the Fornello is not available, controlling the purge valve manually will be essential for making sure you do not end up with an ashy mess from too much airflow.

MYA MXFunction Hookah purging the hookah diagram

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