Competitors often try to pass off inferior products as MYA Saray hookahs

Mya Saray products are manufactured to the highest standards and backed by our warranty. Our designs and technology are subject to valid and enforceable patents. We have spent years developing our craft and quality. Please purchase your hookahs responsibly.

Glass hookah on wooden coffee table
Black model sitting on the floor with a hookah

How to spot a fake MYA Hookah:

Poor workmanship, low quality, cheap materials, blemishes

  • Unsightly glue deposits
  • Tarnished metal components
  • Varnish or paint residue on unintended surfaces

Counterfeit products use painted glass.
The bottoms of the bottles are not colored, and the color can be scraped from the interior of the bottles. Mya Saray uses colored glass. The color is infused throughout the glass.

Knock-offs use cheap metals.
Mya Saray uses brass and other high quality metals.

Lady and man holding hookah and mallets to crush fake hookahs

MYA Saray Is Aggressively Fighting to Preserve Your Investment and to Ensure that Only Genuine Products are Marked as MYA Saray Hookah


Central District of California finds that importer and distributor
damage MYA Saray and violated its patents and trademarks, resulting in monetary damages.


MYA Saray seizes over 10,000 infringing hookah and recognizes a
settlement in excess of $200,000 against an importer and distributor of infringing hookah.


MYA Saray seizes nearly 500 infringing hookah and collects substantial monetary damages


MYA Saray v. Al-Amir, Inc. et al, 1:10-cv-789 U.S. Dist. Ct. Eastern
District of Virginia. (Tobacco Unfair Competition, and Trademark &
Patent Infringement, Judgment for Mya Saray, opinion published at 831 F. Supp. 2d 922), judgment in excess of $400,000.


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