MYA's Brand Ambassador Program or Hookah Affiliate program is composed of the Industry's finest enthusiasts! If you would like to show your love for hookahs and we've missed you, be sure to send your application today!

Whether your passion lies in smoking in front of the camera or creating captivating images, our Brand Ambassador Program will suit you to where your skills play best.

How does it work?

MYA's Brand Ambassadors are the first to get their hands on all of our new product releases! Once they receive the products, we love to hear the feedback, and share it with our audience so they are also aware of all the products available to them.

  • Your feedback can be in the form of video or written down as a blog.
  • All videos are shared through our media pages.
  • One video is chosen once per month to be sent in our monthly email list.

If photography is where your skills shine, we'd love to showcase your work in our social media pages and in our yearly catalog.

  • For your content to be featured in our catalog, only MYA products can be part of the image.
  • If Clip-art is used, you must own all the rights to the art.

A 15% custom code is generated for all Ambassadors; this code can be used in purchases made through


All ambassadors must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have active media channels with at least 1000 subscribers

We are currently only accepting US based Ambassadors. If you are outside of the U.S., you can continue to check our media pages or sign up to our email list to be notified once our International Brand Ambassador Program is Active.

Apply Below for the MYA Brand Ambassador Program

Make sure to read the descriptions for each level (in the content above the form)

Please provide us with links to your profile on any other social media networks you would use to promote Mya Hookah.

If you are interested in being a Video Reviewer or blogger, do you have any links to sample videos or blogs you have done in the past? If so, please provide them here.