The history of the hookah, also known as shisha or water pipe, dates back centuries and has roots in various regions
of the world. While the exact origins are debated, it is generally believed that the hookah originated in the 16th century. Historians credit Indian doctor, Hakim Abdul Fateh for the first recorded use of hookah. His idea was to purify smoke by passing it through water. This idea arose with the purpose of decreasing the health risks of smoking tobacco.  

Initially, hookah was primarily used by the elite class and royalty as a status symbol and for social gatherings; Over time, the popularity of hookah smoking continued to spread across different regions, including India, Turkey, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East.

In the 20th century, hookah smoking gained popularity in Europe and North America, particularly among immigrantcommunities from the Middle East and South Asia. Today, hookah lounges and cafes can be found in cities around the world, where people gather to socialize, relax, and enjoy flavored tobacco in a communal setting.

Each culture added its unique twists to the hookah tradition, including variations in tobacco blends, flavors, and decorative styles. The design and components of the hookah have undergone several modifications and innovations throughout history. Hookahs typically consist of a base filled with water, a bowl on top for the flavored tobacco, a pipe connecting the bowl to the base, and a hose for inhaling the smoke. When the tobacco is heated, the smoke passes through the water in the base before being inhaled through the hose, often resulting in a smooth and flavorful smoking experience.

MYA's 3 Major Contributions to the Hookah Evolution

MYA Hookah has played a significant role in shaping the evolution of hookah culture. As hookah gained popularity and evolved into a social practice, MYA Hookah's commitment to innovation and enhancement of the hookah tradition became evident in its development of
patented technologies to improve the practicality and ease of hookah smoking.

MYA Patent the QT CO Collection

2004 — US Patent 8,001,978

In 2004, MYA made its first revolutionary enhancement, reshaping the traditional Hookah base to a more functional and secure base. Traditionally, hookahs adhered to a standard format comprising a drop-in base, stem, bowl, and hose, with variations in design and materials but maintaining a consistent "Egyptian" or female-to-male hookah style.

However, MYA's introduction of the QT base marked a turning point. The QT base featured an extended neck, which required a corresponding change in the stem's fitting. Instead of the traditional drop-in configuration, the stem required an "over-base" fitting. This shift in the stem's fitting was not merely a cosmetic change; it addressed prevalent functional challenges in the hookah industry and birthing the QT&CO collection of hookahs.

Crucially, MYA addressed the need to prevent air leaks, ensuring a seamless smoking session. While transitioning to an over-base fitting MYA also implemented the now prominent base grommets, which have become an indispensable feature in hookah design. Enhancing the stem-to-base connection ensured a tighter, more secure seal between the base and stem, significantly improving the smoking experience by maximizing airtightness.

20052—US Patent 7,806,123

Traditionally, hookah stems were one-piece shafts that connected the hookah base to the bowl. However, in 2005, MYA Hookah revolutionized the hookah industry with its patented technology that allowed stems to be disassembled into multiple pieces.

This innovation permitted customization options and facilitated easier cleaning, maintenance, and storage, ultimately increasing the longevity of the hookah. This patented technology opened room for multi-accessorized shafts and eliminated the need for complete replacements by introducing multipart components.

MYA's Modular Stem

In addition to the multi-part modular system, this new technology also opened doors for more base-to-stem connecting options. Initiating the new tendency for “Screw-On” Bases, offering a tighter grip, and more security during mobility compared to “Drop-In” bases.

MYA's Screw-on Bases
MYA's Patent Multi-Hose Pressure Valves

2009- US Patent 8,573,229

In 2009, MYA Hookah further innovated by developing a multi-port pressure-responsive hookah system. This advancement addressed the challenge of enabling multiple smokers to use the same hookah simultaneously without compromising the experience. The system allowed air to be drawn out of the bottle and into the hose when someone inhaled while preventing air from being drawn through the hose and into the bottle when others were not inhaling. This ensured a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience for each user, meeting the evolving preferences of hookah enthusiasts and facilitating shared smoking sessions with ease.

MYA Hookah's commitment to innovation continued to enhance the hookah experience, maintaining its position as a leader in the industry.

As customization options expanded, so did the demand for versatility. With the possibility of multiple stem configurations, enthusiasts sought to match different base styles for both aesthetic appeal and enhanced functionality. MYA Hookah quickly responded to this curiosity by facilitating mix-and-match opportunities between bases and stems. This innovative trajectory led to further adjustments of inner down-tubes, ensuring seamless compatibility. This level of innovation not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of hookahs but also improved functionality, providing users with a personalized smoking experience tailored to their preferences.

The immeasurable enhancements brought forth by Mya Hookah have revolutionized the hookah industry. MYA's pursuit of innovation and technological advancements have played a pivotal role in shaping the industry into what it is today, setting a new standard for customization and versatility in hookah smoking.

Our commitment to innovation and quality has not only elevated the overall smoking experience for enthusiasts but has also influenced the direction of the industry as a whole.

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