The Hookah Smoking Tradition

Hookah’ from the Urdu word, huqqa, meaning pot or jar. This popular social practice has its roots in medieval India and today in the Middle Eastern culture, and the American culture.

Hookahs have been part of the party for hundreds of years. This
popular social practice has its roots in medieval India and today has entrenched in the Middle Eastern culture, and today is becoming highly popular in the American culture.

Historians credit Indian doctor, Hakim Abdul Fateh for the first
recorded use of hookah. His idea was to purify smoke by passing it through water. This idea arose with the purpose of decreasing the health risks of smoking tobacco.

The practice caught on quickly across India, the Ottoman Empire, the Persian Empire and parts of northern Africa. The first hookahs were made of wood and coconut shells, but they soon took on more decorative and
technical forms.

Thanks to their splendid designs and unique ability to be shared by several people at once. Due to their complexity and flexibility Mya hookahs are perfect, and can be modified for any social gathering.

Each culture added a twist to the Indian tradition. Nargileh, sheesha, and later, hubbly bubbly, were added to the growing list of names for the popular smoking devices. The stems grew up to 7” tall, engraved with delicate patterns. Inventive tobacco producers would conjure up tastes from watermelon to mint chocolate.

Hookah detailed diagram showing parts

Today, the hookah may be less visible at state functions but it still
has enormous power to bring people together. More and more people are discovering the time-honored joys of sharing a flavorsome hookah with family or friends, after a meal or during a night out of music and dancing.

MYA has played a key role in the evolution of the hookah since 1863, pushing the boundaries of design and artistry. Our hookahs are expertly crafted for maximum smoking and aesthetic pleasure, offering a wide variety of hookah accessories to customize your experience. We’re proud to be helping to spread the enjoyment of this tradition to people around the world.

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Hookah Parts and Accessories

Tobacco Bowl (or Head)

The topmost component of the hookah is made of clay or ceramic and
comes in different colors and designs. The bowl/burner holds both the
tobacco and the charcoal placed above it, allowing for good heat

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The base holds the water during smoking. It comes in different
styles, colors and shapes. We offer three types of bases. Handmade
bohemian glass, crystal, and acrylic. We traditionally etch our
intricate designs by hand using gold and platinum.

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Resting beneath the head, the stainless steel, rust-proof plate
safely collects any charcoal or embers that may fall. Available in
silver and gold colors.

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Silver or gold tongs used to handle the charcoal.

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Our new, fashionable hoses are covered with colored leather, with one
wooden end connecting to the stem’s hose port and the other containing
the smoking mouthpiece. To prevent residue build-up, the hose’s
rustproof interior surface can be easily washed with soap and water
after use.

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These are used to create airtight fits between the various parts of the hookah in order to prevent odors or leaking.

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This solid brass stem connects to the base and includes grommets to
insure tight fit. Available in different sizes, colors and allows for
easy cleaning with soap and water.

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Carrying Case

For your comfort and convenience. We designed the world’s first
carrying case. Cases come in various shapes, sizes to fit your Mya

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