Maintaining Proper Hookah Etiquette
Hookahs have been part of society and culture for hundreds of years. Known as a very popular social practice, hookah has roots tying it all the way back to ancient India. Over the years, it has become more widely known and has begun being incorporated in many different regions and traditions. MYA has played a key role in the evolution of this tradition, innovating new takes on modern classics by pushing the boundaries of design, functionality, and artistry. Although every culture has added its own twist to the hookah tradition, we at MYA believe there are no rules or limitations on how to make your personal hookah experience a great one.

Before the hookah evolution, people had created a few commonly known rules of hookah etiquette. MYA’s revolutionary designs and applications allow you to pass on those practices and make your hookah experience tailored to your preferences with no limitations.

Below are some general rules for hookah etiquette to help you avoid a faux pas. The important thing to remember with these rules is that they can always change based on where you're smoking. So if you're at a friend's house or at a hookah lounge, these rules may not apply, and you should follow the "house rules" of wherever you are. Be aware that you may offend your host if you disrespect their rules.
  • No one likes a “hookah hog." The general rule of thumb is that the person who sets up the hookah smokes it first. Then, it can be passed to the person handling the hookah coals and they would go second. Finally, the hookah continues to be passed or rotated clockwise until a full rotation is completed and then repeated. Usually, participants are given 2-3 minutes per turn.
  • Don't blow smoke into another person's face. This can be considered rude and unwanted, and may ruin someone's experience!
  • Avoid dropping the hookah. While hookahs are sturdy, they are not unbreakable. Most of our hookahs come standard in a carrying case, carrying box, or are packaged in a MYA patented hookah carrying cage made of metal. Specific options MYA carries of these patented and portable caged hookahs are the MYA QTMonoVento, and Econo QT. MYA has made sure these wire baskets allow secure functionality for carrying as well as being able to be used within the cage making a worry-free social engagement.
  • Use common hygiene. If you are sick, it is common courtesy to restrain from smoking. Always wash your hands prior to partaking and always ensure proper cleaning and general cleanliness amongst the group!
  • Along those lines, use a mouth tip! Don't share one.
  • Most of all, remember to relax, have fun, and making new and lasting memories!
We hope you enjoyed these tips for proper hookah etiquette.