The History of the Hookah
History of the Hookah historical painting

The history of the hookah (nargile, huka, hooka) is shrouded in mystery. Historians believe hookah first started with the hookah pipe in India in the 1500s. However, there is a dispute about whether the hookah was invented in India, Egypt, Iran, or Turkey.

There are claims that the hookah was invented by an Iranian physician, who raised concerns about tobacco smoking among Indian noblemen. He created the water pipe, believing it would be pure and safer to use. The hookah gained popularity throughout the country and was a symbol of prestige.

But the water pipe looked very different than it does today. In India, the first hookah was made from a coconut shell and tube, nothing like the vases we have now. In Turkey, the design became much more elaborate and started the style of hookah we use today. It became a part of social gatherings found primarily in Turkish coffee shops.

The Hookah suffered from the introduction of cigarettes but has recently regained popularity, particularly in America. Hookah bars, much like the hookahs found in Turkish coffee shops, provide a place for friends to come together to enjoy the hookah.

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