The Source:  MYA  Customizes Hookah for Tyler River


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Since 1863 MYA Hookah has been a pioneer in the hookah industry, and with the launch of the MYA Custom Crystal Reserve program MYA is once again leading the way. MYA’s new program showcases fully customized hookahs featuring an individual or brand’s likeness meticulously hand-etched onto a beautiful crystal glass base.

Tyler River Customized MYA Hookah

“If you know me, you usually won’t see me without my MYA QT in hand,” said hookah influencer and musician Tyler River. “But, to actually have my ‘cutie face’ on high-end one-off MYA Hookah built just for me – it’s crazy cool. I’ve never seen anything like this at the lounge or club. It attracts so much fun and attention.”

Tyler River holding MYA Customized Hookah Tyler River holding MYA Hookah

The customized hookahs are the brainchild of MYA Hookah CEO Mahmoud Badawi who wanted to provide the hookah industry and customers seeking the ultimate in personalized hookah design and functionality with the absolute highest level of customizable hookah on the market. “We have had a number of celebrities, influencers and hookah enthusiasts asking for customized, one-of-a-kind spectacular hookahs that no one else could ever have, and we delivered,” said MYA Hookah CEO and President Mahmoud Badawi.

“This program is an exciting addition to MYA’s numerous patents and novel partnerships as it focuses on the individual and their high-end tastes – from colors to build-out to customized jeweled add-ons and beyond.”

MYA immortalized Tyler River on its first ever MYA Custom Reserve Hookah in appreciation to his commitment to the hookah, music and style communities. Tyler is most known for his hit, Hookiviri Remix ft. Cito on the beat, Favo, and Christian D’or.