Street-Inspired “D’or Especial” Hookah Case

One-of-a-Kind Case Designed by Celebrated Street Artist Juan Pineda as a Gift for Music Artist/Songwriter Cristion D’or

As featured in All Hip Hop website, we showcase the hookah case for Cristion D'or. 

Since 1863 MYA Hookah has been a pioneer in the hookah industry, and with the creation of the “D’or Especial” Hookah Case by national artist Juan Pineda, MYA is once again trailblazing a new take on a classic accessory.  The “D’or Especial” Hookah Case is the first glimpse at what will soon become a street-inspired line of MYA Hookah Cases.

“I love the sound, the feel, and the energy of the street and the world of hookah – it’s part of me,” said renowned Dominican American music artist and songwriter Cristion D’or. “To have MYA Hookah capture both on a Hookah Case is incredibly special.  Crazy special.  D’or Especial. There is nothing like this in Washington Heights, on Fifth Avenue or in the world, and I have the only one.” 

The “D’or Especial” Hookah Case was created as a gift by MYA Hookah CEO Mahmoud Badawi in appreciation for Cristion’s commitment to the hookah and music communities. Cristion is best known for songs like “Spinnin’” (feat. Lil Durk) from the Fast & Furious Soundtrack, “City of Gods” (feat. Fivio Foreign, Kanye West and Alicia Keys) and the “Hookiviri Remix” with Tyler River & Cito on the Beat. 

The hookah case, coordinated by Pipkin Creative, was designed by award-winning artist Juan Pineda whose distinct style is characterized as urban-contemporary/street art. Juan has been recognized by “The Washington Post” for positive impact within the Latino community. 

“It is exciting for MYA to evolve in the industry and look at new ways to connect with our audience through products and with influencers,” stated  MYA Hookah CEO and President Mahmoud Badawi. “Building the D’or Especial Hookah Case for Cristion was great fun, and an ideal way for MYA to prepare for the upcoming launch of MYA’s line of street-inspired Hookah Cases.”