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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Two Decades Later, the Timeless QT Returns with a Commemorative Release

In 2004, the MYA introduced the MYA QT “Cage Hookah” to the world.   Featuring a trademarked base, custom stem, grommet air seal valves, and aluminum carrying cage like nothing else on the market, the MYA QT quickly became the nation’s top selling hookah and MYA brand’s iconic piece. And now, the NEW MYA QT is being released to commemorate 20 years since the first MYA QT ignited the rise of hookah’s popularity in the United States. 

MYA Hookah will mark the historic 20th MYA QT Anniversary by releasing the NEW MYA QT in three limited-edition colors – Black, Silver and Rose Gold.  New updated colors will also be brought on throughout the 2024 year. 

“The 20th Anniversary of the MYA QT is the perfect opportunity to re-introduce this powerful compact hookah to old and new MYA fans around the world,” said MYA Hookah CEO and President Mahmoud Badawi. “This hookah helped establish America’s growing hookah culture, and MYA is grateful to be a big part of that history. We look forward to many decades of continued growth and development.” 

After pioneering the classic “Cage Hookah” style two decades ago with the MYA QT, the Company has continued to introduce small hookahs such as the Jarra, Mono, Petit, Bijou, Minion, Minionette and more to a growing base of worldwide consumers

he MYA QT hookah continues to be the #1 selling hookah in the market, and it is also the most counterfeited in the hookah industry.  Since 2003, MYA has patented and trademarked multiple QT parts –  Trademark Registration Number: 3,845,276 and US Patent 7,404,405 – which grant MYA authenticity rights over production and distribution and help ensure customers the highest quality product.