723 Acrylic II Base

Color: BLACK
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  • MYA Acrylic II Base

    This screw-on acrylic hookah base comes in 6 beautiful colors: red, black, pink, light blue, blue, and green. This base is compatible with any of our Mya Hookah screw-on stems. Mya's acrylic hookah bases are extremely durable and are much less likely to crack or shatter than any glass hookah base. Use this hookah base to replace you broken base or just buy an extra hookah base to change up your style. For extra protection, consider one of our hookah cases to protect your new purchase from accidental breakage.

    Be sure to also explore the rest of the Acrylic hookah collection, including the Acrylic Hookah 033-100-2H (two hoses), and Acrylic Hookah 274-100-4H (four hoses). Here at MYA Hookah, we think you should be able to customize your acrylic hookah however you want!

    Be sure to also check out our other accessories, like our hoses, casesand stems.

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