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Four Hose Acrylic Hookah 274-100

 This Acrylic Hookah 274-100-4H, feature a virtually indestructible design to enhance its style, form and function. It has a circular design with bold crisp colors to enhance the mood and the smoking experience. What better way to enjoy smoking tobacco from a hookah than with a friend? This acrylic hookah comes equipped with 4 hookah hoses so you don’t have to smoke hookah alone. It features a solid brass stem which sits on a revolutionary screw on base that took the hookah world by storm, making it a must have for lounges and hookah lovers everywhere. It comes with a sturdy blue Mya box with tongs, matching leather hose and an airtight canister to keep your favorite shisha fresh. This hookah, like all Mya hookahs, utilizes the auto-seal system. The auto-seal system eliminates the need for rubber stoppers and flip caps when there are multiple users. Mya Hookah has everything you need from hookah parts and accessories to full hookah sets. Acrylic hookahs on sale here, so why go anywhere else?

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Acrylic Hookah 274-100-4H


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SKU: ACRYLIC 274-100-4H

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

These items are intended for use with legal smoking products only. The sale of this product may be limited by the law of your state to persons 21 years of age and older.

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