Robusto 500 Rose Gold Hookah

Sale price$310.00


MYA new Stainless Steel Hookah with MX Function.

The MYA Robusto 500 is as edgy as ever, a statement that will leave no unanswered questions. A remark of shape, height and sturdiness. Featuring our new collection of stainless steel hookahs, the Robusto is also complemented by our MX-Function technology.

Fully Assembled The Robusto 500 stands 33” tall altogether, and weighs 17 lbs. One of the most unique features of the Robusto 500 is its stem, a casted stainless-steel design. To top it off, your Robusto 500 will come with our new patent-pending 980 Bowl. The 980 bowl has an inverted funnel which will stop 90% of any residue from ever going inside of your base.

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