PINWHEEL-400-6 Cased Crystal Hookah

This 28 inches tall cased crystal high end hookah come with a very heavy duty brass stem, cloisonné hose, plate, tongs, and matching tobacco burner.

Color: BLACK
Sale price$720.00


Cased crystal is a technique where we add layers of different colors of glass over the crystal hookah base. The outer layer is then etched away to reveal the beauty of the pure crystal below, leaving a unique and elegant pinwheel design. Mya Hookah is the only company in the world to produce such high-quality and decorative cased crystal hookahs. Our Mya crystal hookahs are more than just smoking devices. They are works of art, crafted as elegant decorative pieces for your home or office.

When assembled, the Pinwheel crystal hookah is 28" tall. Your new crystal will come with the decorative vase, a very heavy and durable decorative brass stem, a matching silicon hose, a hookah plate, tongs, and a matching tobacco burner. Your securely packaged order will arrive safely at your door.

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