ORO MX 1A1 Hookah

The Oro 1A1 Complete Hookah Set stands 23.5” tall and will come with all needed accessories and a stem featuring MYA’s Patented MX-Function Technology.

Color: BLACK
Sale price$138.00


The MYA Oro Hookah features a bold and stylish design that will surely be your next favorite mid-size hookah. The Oro Complete Hookah Set stands 23.5” Tall and will come equipped with all needed accessories to get your session going. Uniquely designed, the Oro 1A1 Hookah stem style has MYA’s Patented MX-Function Technology. The MX-Function Technology is MYA’s Award Winning Innovative technology that allows for a complete purge through the stem and up the burner. 

 Oro Full Set Height 23.5" Tall
 Oro Base Height / Weight 8.5" Tall /2.5 Lbs
 1A1 Stem Height 13.5" Tall
 Silicone Hose 60" Long with Handle

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