630S Silicone Freeze Hookah Hose with Icicles

Color: BROWN
Sale price$22.00


Introducing the Mya Silicone Freeze Hose

The MYA Silicone Freeze Hose is a product exclusively produced by MYA. MYA once again pushing the boundaries invents a way to enhance the hookah experience up to a whole new level with a modern twist.

The patented MYA Silicone Freeze hose is designed to deliver a flush yet icy draw, offering a cold rush and a sharp sense of luxury to the smoking experience. MYA's patented Freeze Hose provides a clean and convenient alternative to placing ice cubes directly into the chamber, adding a refreshing chill, actually enhancing this sensually exotic experience.

The icicles can be chilled separately until the hose is ready to be used. As easy as plausible just insert the chilled icicles into the tube handle then experience the elegance of Hookah at its best.

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