NEW QT 265-210

Best known as MYA's original hookah, the QT continues to be a top pick for Hookah lovers. The QT Features a patented design, making it a unique piece. This cage Hookah is common for daily use, it is easy to set up and easy to clean. This will be your next favorite personal 14" Hookah.

Sale price$49.99


For the First time in 20 years! We are Bringing you a modernized, and new look to our signature MYA QT hookah. The Grey, Black and Rose gold in our MX-Function collections have become a Mya's Favorite so we decided to Implement it to your favorite small Mya hookah

The Small MYA QT is our signature Hookah from MYA Saray's QT and CO. Collection of Hookahs, commonly known as "Cage Hookah". All QT and Co. glass bases are identified by a Black base grommet that serves as a tight air seal. The QT base is a unique base style created and patented in 2008. It is made out of Classic solid colored Glass which guarantees to never peel or fade.

The QT base can be paired with multiple over-the-base stem models. This set features a 265 chrome stem model, made out of 100% brass and capable of holding two hoses. 



Full Set Height 12" Tall

Aluminum Cage

11" Tall

QT Base 

5"   Tall

265 Stem

6"  Tall

741 Burner

3" Tall

602 Leather Hose

70" Long
Stem Hose Capability 2 Hoses
Weight 4lbs


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