1863 Econo-MYA E-QT Hookah

Color: GREY
Sale price$36.79 Regular price$45.99


The 1863 Econo-QT is a more affordable model to MYA's Original brass stem QT, cage hookah. From the same family style, our 1863 Line of hookahs features an aluminum stem and black aluminum cage. 

Mya 1863 line is an alternative, more affordable line of hookahs designed to fit your budget and material preferences. Mya's high-quality aluminum is durable and with proper care can last you as long as a brass stem.



1863 QT  Aluminum Stem
Stem  6"
Base  5" Tall
Burner 3"
Wire Cage Height 11"
Weight 4Lbs
Stem Hose Capability 2 Hoses


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