Petite Hookah

MYA's petite Hookah is a classic style hookah designed for personal use. From MYA's QT and CO. Collection of Hookahs, the Petite is one of the smallest styles recognized as a great travel hookah set. The MYA Petite features a one-hose-capable aluminum stem and a classic solid glass base. MYA's solid glass base is guaranteed to never peel or fade.

Color: GREY
Sale price$34.99


Petite Hookah

The MYA Petite Hookah has been one of the most popular Hookahs in the market for over 15 years. The Petite smooth draw and smoking power make its unique design, and incredible looks just a plus. Do not be intimidated by the Petite's size, MYA's unique design and patented technologies ensure quality in smoking in all our hookahs regardless of their size or materials. The Petite Hookah is an 8" Tall complete hookah set, that will come packaged with a sturdy MYA Box featuring a thick handle to make it easy to carry. Perfect as a personal Hookah, travel Hookah, or a gift for a beginner hookah enthusiast. 


Petite Hookah 8" tall
Base 4" Tall
Stem 3.5" Tall
Stem Hose Capability  1 Hose Only

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