Bambino Hookah

Small MYA Classic hookah. The bambino is a MYA timeless Hookah, features a solid colored glass base and a Cloisonné brass stem. The Bambino Hookah is 10" tall and comes in a hard carrying case. This Hookah is a MYA Top seller Hookah, easy to transport and easy to set up small Hookah set.

Color: BLUE
Sale price$59.99


The Bambino is a MYA Classic, part of our QT and CO. Collection, male-style bases. The Bambino set features a solid colored glass base and it is uniquely paired with a 100% brass cloisonne style stem. 

Included in this set is a hard carrying case, specifically designed for this hookah set.



Bambino Set 10.5" Tall
Base  5" Tall 4.5" Wide
Stem   4.5" Tall
740 Burner  3" Tall
Stem Hose Capability 1 hose only
Weight 3lbs

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