The new MX 4000 Hookah stands 33" inches tall. Includes a sleek solid-colored base, all brass stem, three chamber burner plate, multi-valve system, and the new MYA silicone hose.

Color: ROSE
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MYA MX 4000 - Bigger. Bolder. Bubblier.

Large and luxe, the MYA® MX 4000 is sure to make a bold statement in any environment. This colossal nargileh features a multi-hose valve system that can accommodate up to four hoses and is topped with a three-chambered plate. MYAs® MX models also have the option to place a diffuser at the base of the downtube. The MYA® MX is available in two styles our MX2000 and MX 4000 with a variety of color choices from the base to the burner. The MX stands when fully assembled at 33” tall and comes complete with the new MYA® silicone hose.

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