The Minion is one of MYA's timeless classic Mini Hookahs. This Tiny Hookah is just about 4" tall, and weighs less than 1lbs. At MYA Size is never a understatement, we guarantee this mini will be your next favorite personal Hookah.

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The Minion has been designed to be the perfect personal-portable hookah. Part of MYA Classic tiny Hookahs, It stands 7" Tall all together and weights just under 1 lbs. This tiny Hookah comes with a triangular base made from solid color glass that will never fade or peel.  The minion is part of our QT & CO. Collection, so it will be tightly secured by a thick black grommet.

The Minion stem and head converter are a one piece set so it may not be removed or converted. The Minion is a single-hose hookah, it will come with a matching standard leather MYA hose. A standard MYA plate, burner and tongs are also included.



839 Minion Base  4.3" Tall 4.7" Wide
Stem 3"
602 Hose 64" Length
Burner 2" Tall
Hose Capability 1 Hose
Weight  2.3 Lbs

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