Medoro 131MX Hookah

MYA Medoro Hookah, a new QT & CO. style base, now featuring our MX-Function Technology Stems. The medoro is an 18" Tall Hookah and weighs under 8 lbs. Featuring our Newest Stainless Steel stem with a rotating ring to adjust the air flow to vent up the stem and through the bowl or on the side.

Color: GREY
Sale price$120.00


MYA Hookah Medoro 131MX

Introducing a new QT & CO. base Style, now featuring our MX-Function Stems. The Medoro Hookah is an 18" Tall Hookah made from Classic Clear glass and Stainless Steel Stem. The Medoro Hookah comes paired with the 131MX stem, a new MX-Function Style stem featuring a rotating-ring pressure release valve. Adjusting the Rotating ring will allow for air flow release through the stem up the bowl or  through the side.

You will receive the Medoro Hookah with our New 749 Bowl; an upgraded version to our MYA Standard Bowls now featuring a phunel style, bigger in size and more modern. Packaged in our MYA Box you will get a matching silicone hose and matching bowl.


Medoro Set  18" Tall
Medoro Base  8" Tall
Stem  Stainless Steel 8.5"
749 Burner 3.2 Tall
Hose Capability 1 Hose Only
Weight  7.6lbs

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