Medoro 131BL Hookah

The Medoro 131BL, a QT &Co. Style base paired with an over the base stainless steel, colored stem. The Medoro comes in 5 different colors, you will receive a matching silicone hose and bowl when purchased as a set. The Medoro is a one hose hookah only, it features an internal pressure releaser.

Color: GREEN
Sale price$99.00


The Medoro 131BL patented and classy, the best in aesthetics and smoking power.

Introducing a new QT & CO. base Style, made from classic clear glass and featuring our new over-the-base stainless steel stems. The Medoro Hookah is a 16" Tall Hookah paired with a 131BL colored stainless steel stem. The 131BL Stem comes in 5 different stem colors, which will match your Bowl and Silicone hose when purchased as a set.

You will receive the Medoro Hookah with our New 749 Bowl; an upgraded version to our MYA Standard Bowls now featuring a phunel style, bigger in size and more modern. The Medoro will come packaged in a MYA Box with a carrying handle.

The Medoro 131 BL has an internal purge valve, found at the heart of the stem which will allow for a complete purge.



Medoro Set  16" Tall
Medoro Base  8" Tall
Stem  Stainless Steel 6"
748 Burner  3"Tall
Hose Capability 1 Hose Only
Weight  7lbs

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