MYA Jarra

Small Mug Style Hookah - The smallest MX-Function Hookah. Like a cup, this hookah has a side handle making it the perfect portable hookah.

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The small 9.5" MYA Jarra Hookah is a mug-style Hookah with a handle that allows for perfect portability; and a Spoon Style Charcoal Holder that will completely prevent any coals from being dropped while transporting it. The Small Jarra Hookah is the perfect travel Hookah. It has a side handle that makes it easy to be carried.

To make this Hookah even more special we have incorporated our MX-Function Technology. The MYA Jarra is the smallest Hookah with the MX-Function technology, embedded onto the stem. Our MX-Function technology will clear out all the gases and residue stored within the base so no Harshness will occur.


Height  9.5"
Base 5" Tall 6" Wide
394 Burner 2.5" Tall
602 Hose 70" Long
Weight 3 lbs
Hose Compatibility  1 Hose Only


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