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  • The MYA Jarra Hookah is a mug style Hookah with a handle that allows for perfect portability and a Spoon Style Charcoal Holder that will completely avoid any coals from being dropped while transporting it.

    To make this Hookah even more special we have incorporated our MX-Function Technology. The MYA Jarra is the smallest Hookah with the MX-Function technology, imbedded onto the stem. Our MX-Function technology will clear out all the gases and residue stored in the base so no Harshness will occur.

  • Height  10.5"
    Base 5" Tall 6" Wide
    394 Burner 2.5" Tall
    602 Hose 64" Long
    Weight 3.2 lbs
    Hose Compatibility  1 Hose Only


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