MYA's unique Recipe is a new century formulation that guarantees less lighting time and a more enjoyable and smoother smoking session. Mya Genie Coco Charcoal is 100% natural, and free of toxins ensuring there's no impairment to your shisha flavor. For MYA everything is possible, and even when half way lit, Genie Coco Coals will be ready to use. Even when not fully lit, our coals maintain appropriate heat distribution ideal to preserve your shisha molasses flavor for a longer time. As a result of eliminating all chemicals and toxins from our formulation, you will experience a longer session free of taste, odor or any other impairment experienced in the past!

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Genie Coco Charcoal

    • 100% natural
    • Made from coconut shell
    • Very low ash deposits
    • Maintains solidity for longer-lasting burn time
    • Sparkless
    • Odorless
    • No trees were cut to make this product
    • Heats to the ideal temperature for molasses to avoid burning

Safety Instructions

  1. Never combine petroleum-based products with charcoal, it will be absorbed into the item being heated which will affect the taste and odor
  2. Using petroleum products to light charcoal is not recommended as it can cause a fire and health hazard.
  3. Never leave burning charcoal unattended around children.
  4. Never use the product while wearing loose clothing which could catch on fire resulting in injury.
  5. Never allow burning embers to come in contact with flammable objects, always extinguish completely.

    Genie Coco 84 cubes

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