Hookah Case 508


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SKU: 508
  • Mya Hookah Cases - A Hookah Case To Keep Your Hookah Safe and Secure

    Width Length Height
    Outside 10 in 16.5 in 6.7 in
    Inside Glass Space 6.6 in 11.1 in 5 in
    Inside Stem Space 3.1 in 16.5 in 5 in
    Inside Side Space 6.6 in 5.2 in 5 in

    This Mya Hookah Case won't let you down. It is extremely durable and secure. Thishookah case is durable and fashionable. This small investment goes a long way to keep your hookah safe! This sleek black hookah case is also very durable and can take a beating, without damaging the goods inside - your high end hookah!

    Check out our other hookah accessories to find everything you need for your hookah.

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