HEERA 256Z Hookah

The Tiny Hookah, Heera is a perfect personal Hookah. Stylish and timeless as its name represents, the Heera base resembles a crystal cut diamond. To add a personal touch, we've added a wire basket making it easy to carry and transport.

Color: GREEN
Sale price$49.99


The Heera is an all-time favorite due to its timeless diamond-style base. From Mya's QT and Co. Collection, the Heera is a mini version of our renowned cage hookahs.

MYA's Heera 256z is the smallest from our collection of Cage Hookahs measuring just 9" tall when fully assembled. The Heera base is offered in clear glass, and 5 different color stem combinations to be paired with our standard leather hose and ceramic bowls.

This Hookah is a perfect addition to any Tiny Hookah Collection, reliable and easy to transport for any on-the-go hookah sessions!


Base 4." Tall  4.7" wide
256z Stainless Steel Stem 3.5" Tall
Cage 7.5" Tall
Weight 2.lbs
Stem Hose Capability 1 Hose Only

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