GOLAZO 258 Hookah

The Golazo Hookah features a custom space for any design of your own. Originally featuring 32 Flags, to resemble the 32 World Soccer Championship teams. Vibrant colored stems are the perfect touch to highlight any custom design.

Color: BLACK
Sale price$49.99


From our QT & CO. Collection we now bring you a more modern model, enjoy our traditional smoking power, aesthetics and durability and our state of the art wire cage.

The GOLAZO is  12" in Height and weighs just under 3 pounds. This Hookah will come to you with a matching Burner, Hose and Tong. To make it even better, we have designed the GOLZAO to fit in a wire Cage! Easy to carry and Easy to Store. 

This new style features a no pressure releaser model, allowing to purge atop the stem. The GOLAZO stem has a one hose capability only.

In honor of its name, and the World Soccer Championship, the Golazo features 32 Flags. These flags are sticker like material, allowing to easily interchange between the different flags



Wire Cage 11" Tall
Base  5" 
Stem 5.5" Tall
Burner  3" Tall
Hose 602 64" Long

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