Crystal Hookah Dune-50-267-668-100

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The Dune: Crystal Hookah With 100% Brass Stem

This clear bohemian crystal hookah will brighten the entire room. MYA Hookah is the only company worldwide that manufactures these crystal hookahs, making them very special and unique. The classy and elegant design shows off MYA's attention to detail and high quality. The Dune Crystal Hookah base is hand made with high quality Bohemian Crystal from the Czech Republic. Along with this lovely crystal hookah base, you will also get a 100% brass stem with a chrome finish that will never rust or tarnish.

Check out the other hookahs in the Dune collection: Dune 50-267-200, Dune 85-267-100, Dune 85-267-200, Dune 50-267 (with a gold stem), and Dune 50-267 (with a silver stem). Already own the Dune? You can purchase the base separately here. Be sure to also pick up a hookah case to protect your valuable new centerpiece.

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