The Chikita Hookah is a Small Classic, standing just under 11" Tall. This small Hookah can be converted to a two hose hookah with the addition of hose adapters. The Chikita Hookah comes in 8 vibrant colors and is paired with a black matte stem.

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The Chikita Hookah is a ready to use set, packaged with all you will need for your personal hookah session. The Chikita glass is part of MYA'S QT & CO. Collection of Hookahs, made from solid color glass. MYA's solid color glass guarantees to never peel or fade in color. The Chikita base features a dotted embedded design, and carries a  black thick rubber grommet to secure the base and stem. 

The Chikita is a standard MYA hookah set paired with a matching leather hose and burner.



Chikita Height  11" Tall
Chikita Base  4.5" Tall
Chikita Stem  5.5"
Burner 740  3" Tall
Weight  2.5lbs
Hose Capability 1 Hose only

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