CHICO 251 Hookah

The Chico Hookah is another of MYA's Cage Hookahs. The Chico hookah comes in a wire cage, and offers a modern stem style allowing to purge atop the stem. This is a small hookah, measuring 12" tall and weights just under 3 pounds.

Sale price$49.99


From our QT & CO. Collection we now bring you a more modern model, enjoy our traditional smoking power, durability and our state-of-the-art wire cage.

The Chico is  12" in Height and weighs just under 3 pounds. This Hookah will come to you with a matching Burner, Hose and Tong. To make it even better, we have designed the Chico to fit in a wire Cage! Easy to carry and Easy to Store. This small Hookah comes in different stem color options, and will arrive to you ready to use.

This new style features a no pressure releaser model, allowing to purge atop the stem. The Chico stem has a one hose capability only.



Wire Cage 11" Tall
Chico Base  5" 
Stem 5.5" Tall
Burner 740 3" Tall
Hose 602 64" Long

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