Acrylic Hookah 033T-100-2H

Color: BLACK
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  • MYA Acrylic Hookah 033T-100-2H

    This hookah is unique in the fact that it is made from impact resistant acrylic materials, and our unique mix of clear and colored acrylic. So, unlike classic glass bases, you don't have to worry about breakage or shattering in inevitable incidents. Acrylic hookahs are a popular pick for parties and great for the lounges. This MYA acrylic base is a screw-on base made from solid colors, guaranteeing no peeling or color fading to occur. 

    In this set, the acrylic base is accompanied by a chrome 033T brass stem. MYA's solid brass stems will never rust or fade. The 033T stem is 4 hose compatible, ideal for party's and social gatherings, in this set it will come with 2 hoses.

  •  Acrylic 033T - 100-2H  24" Tall
     720 Base  9.5" Tall
     033T Stem  12" Tall
     740 Burner  3" Tall
     602 Hose  64" Long
     Stem Hose Capability  Up to 4 hoses

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