279 Hookah Stem

This stem height is 10.5". Available with a chrome or gold finish. Egyptian or Lebanese style.

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Style: Egyptian
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  • x 279 Hookah Stem
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  • 279 Mya Hookah Replacement Stem

    If you need a sturdy replacement stem, or you just want a new one to mix things up a bit, the 279 hookah stem is a great choice. This replacement hookah stem in 10.5 inches tall, and is durable and sturdy. Take your pick between a gold or chrome finish and make sure you get the right style! We have Egyptian (male stem / female bowl) and Lebanese (female stem / male bowl).

    This stem can use 1-4 hookah hoses. Don't forget to check out the Mya hookah hose port caps, hose adapters, or stem converters to make sure you get everything you need for a successful smoke session.

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