VENTO II 255-200 Hookah

Color: GREY
Sale price$60.00


Mya VENTO II 255-200

Mya Classics are timeless, and signature pieces from our QT and CO. Collection of Hookahs. Unlike the QT or Original caged Hookahs, the Vento features a Square cage. 

A classic colored glass base is offered in 6 different solid colors. All MYA Solid glass bases guarantee their color will never peel or fade. The Vento 255 II brass stem has a 4 hose capability in both chrome and gold styles. 



Vento II 255  Brass stem
Height 13" Tall
Base 5.5" Tall 5.3 Wide
Stem 6" Tall
Weight 3.2lbs
Stem Hose Capability Up to 4 Hoses

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