LOUCII 116xs Hookah

Color: GREY
Sale price$95.99


Experience the Difference!

The MYA® LouCii XS stands 10” tall, offering easy portability and a great opportunity to put your creative mind at ease. The MYA® MXFunction™ is an internal purge valve system designed to eliminate the need to ever use any traditional cooling technique with your hookah again. The MYA® MXFunction™, has been incorporated into the stem of our LouCii XS. MYA® MXFunction™ will also clear out any gas buildup in the base while in use, effectively eliminating any stale or harsh smoke. MYA® MXFunction™ and the LouCii XS, the perfect pair that will completely change your mindset allowing you to experience a timeless tradition at this new age level.

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