Fedora 102 Hookah

The Fedora is a timeless Hookah, its floral designs make it a beautiful piece of art. The Fedora base is a MYA top pick when it comes to elegant Styles offered in 8 different colors. This complete set Hookah will stand 12" tall once fully set up.

Color: PINK
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SKU: Fedora 102-118
  • The MYA Fedora offers a delicate look, its floral base design has been engraved onto the glass making it a unique base style. This Hookah base is a solid color base, so it guarantees to never peel or fade. Paired with the Fedora is the 102 Stem, a single hose brass stem. Unlike any other, the 102 stem also has a special touch, its sleek design includes a doted grip all around.  


  • Full Set  12"
    Base 5.25 Tall 6" Wide
    Stem  5.5
    740 Burner 3"
    Weight 3.6Lbs
    Hose Capability 1 Hose Only

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