Crystal 40D-279T-2 Hookah

Crystal Design: D1
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  • Bohemian Crystal Handmade Hookah

    Check out our bohemian crystal handmade hookahs. These crystal hookah vases are made by professional artists in Czech Republic. When fully assembled, these crystal handmade hookahs reach a height of 24 inches. The Gold brass stem and silicon hookah hose add an elegant element to the hookah pipe. Our crystal hookahs are unique and very special considering MYA is the first company to manufacture such hookahs worldwide. This will be sure to be a great addition to any collection. Make sure and keep your new crystal hookah safe and in the best of condition with one of our hookah cases. These hookahs are compatible with the hookah case 541 or the hookah case 547.

    If you have any questions about the crystal hookahs or any of our
    products online, you can contact us here or give us a call at 866-277-9692.

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