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  • MYA ASTRA Classic Hookah

    The MYA ASTRA is very stable for its stature and is simple yet. This hookah stands 23” tall and is 24 inches wide at its widest point. It weighs approximately 5.5 pounds without water.

    MYA ASTRA is designed with a beautiful heavy solid colored glass base with a tall statuesque stem. Make sure to also protect your investment with our durable MYA Hookah carrying case. The MYA ASTRA is just one of many Mya classic hookahs. See more MYA classic hookahs here.
    This Astra is available in 8 colors (grey, dark blue, light purple, olive green, pink, amber, sky blue, and dark aqua). You can also purchase Astra bases with different designs - we have an Astra Star Design base and Astra Dot Design base so you can mix and match! It comes packaged with one hose valve, the MYA 602 hose, the standard MYA burner plate, pressure release valve (purge valve,) 2 port covers and standard tongs. It comes all nicely packaged in the ASTRA box along with the standard MYA 740 bowl/burner and all necessary grommets. To modify this hookah for than one hose you will need to purchase new hose adapters with ball bearings inside for every hose you will be adding. You will want to include another as well for the original valve that came with purchase as this does not have the ball bearing/ pressure release in the valve along with the number of coordinating hoses to complete your upgrade.

    Item Specifications:

    • 8 different base colors

    • 23” tall fully assembled

    • A sleek and curved chrome stem

    • Comes with:

      • A hose valve

      • MYA 602 hose

      • MYA burner plate

      • pressure release valve (or purge valve)

      • 2 port covers

      • Standard MYA tongs

    • 5.5 lbs

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