Acrylic II Hookah 279-100

Color: BLACK
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  • MYA Acrylic Hookah

    This Acrylic Hookah gives a new experience, a new look and a new approach to hookahs. At 24" tall, it features a virtually indestructible screw-on base, eliminating the need for base grommets. The base design collects more smoke to insure a superior smoking experience with its clear base and circular colors. It features a solid brass stem that helps to give the best hookah smoking experience. This hookah can be converted into a 4 hose hookah by utilizing Hose adaptors that contain the auto-seal system. The auto-seal system eliminates the need for rubber stoppers and flip caps when there are multiple users. The Acrylic comes with sturdy blue Mya Hookah box with handle, tongs, and matching hose.

    Be sure to also explore the rest of the Acrylic hookah collection, including the Black Acrylic Hookah (one hose), Acrylic Hookah 033-200-2H (two hoses), and Acrylic Hookah 274-100-4H (four hoses). Here at MYA Hookah, we think you should be able to customize your acrylic hookah however you want! Or, if you already own this hookah, you can buy just the base as a replacement here.

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