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MYA’s ASTRA is very stable for its size and is a stand out from the classic hookah collection. The ASTRA comes standard with a beautiful solid color glass base with a pattern etched topped with a solid brass stem

This dot patterned ASTRA hookah is available in 8 color options including grey, dark blue, light purple, olive green, pink, amber, sky blue, and dark aqua.

If it is a replacement base you are searching for, then you can purchase the Astra base separately too! Check out the replacement bases we have to offer including the
Astra Dot Design base and Astra Star Design base

We always advise you to protect your investment with a durable MYA carrying case. The ASTRA is just one of many classic hookahs that MYA has to offer. At MYA, we are sure to carry something to suit each individual aesthetic, you can see more of the classic hookah collection here

Item Specifications

  • Comes with:
    • Matching hose
    • Matching burner
    • Base
    • Stem
    • Tongs
    • Purge valve
    • 2 port covers

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ASTRA D-260-100 Hookah


MYA’s Astra is a classically known and styled hookah of superb quality. This beautiful version has a diamond pattern on the glass base. It boasts a solid brass stem with a brilliant chrome finish. This stunning hookah is available in 8 vivid colors.

  • GREY
  • PINK
  • Regular Hose

Gift Note

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Product Details
32" Tall
up to 4 hoses at once
Colors Available
Sturdy solid brass
SKU: ASTRA-D-260-100

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

These items are intended for use with legal smoking products only. The sale of this product may be limited by the law of your state to persons 21 years of age and older.

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