MYA Hookah and Dutchmasterz TV Team Up on Instagram

Recently MYA Hookah and the talented crew at Dutchmasterz TV have joined together to put a new spin on traditional hookah Instagram posts. Each month Dutchmasterz TV will be producing original segments featuring the MYA Hookah brand tailored for hookah fans worldwide. MYA and Dutchmasterz TV are pushing hookah entertainment to a new level in hookah video experimenting with new creative ideas, video formats, and non-conventional locations.

“MYA has a pioneering tradition from the numerous patents we hold to the novel partnerships we build,” states MYA Hookah CEO and President Mahmoud Badawi. “Dutchmasterz TV is a tremendous partner as we move forward developing and creating engaging content for our fan base.”

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Dutchmasterz TV, under the watchful eye of Wilson “Dutch” Voigt, has featured the talented Roman Love and Lanali Flex in many of their MYA specific videos with tremendous results all-around. Check out MYA/Dutchmasterz TV content at:

And, be sure to head to to catch the latest in hookah information and entertainment and visit them on-line at

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