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Why Mya?

MYA is a world­-leader in hookah design and manufacturing. We are committed to making beautiful, functional pieces and providing unrivalled customer service. Here are just ten reasons to love us:


Huge Selection

Our products have guaranteed high quality and long lasting durability. What makes it even better is that all MYA hookahs are suited to fit your taste and budget


The World’s Only Real Crystal Hookahs

MYA is the only company in the world that makes real­ crystal hookah vases, using only the finest Bohemian Crystal. All the pieces are mouth blown and hand­cut, for excellent results. MYA designs also use the stunning overlay Crystal: glass crystal fused with colored crystal and then refined with diamond wheels.


Unique Designs

MYA works with a team of designers to create hookahs inspired by everything from the artistic traditions of the Ottoman Empire to today’s American pop culture. MYA Hookahs are practical pieces of art perfect to have with you at any moment. Our hookahs can be as big and meticulous to have at any social events or at the commodity of your home, and as small and compact to carry with you at a pool or park.


Patented Designs, Worry-Free

All MYA hookahs are expertly crafted. Many of our designs are patented or patent­-pending. We made them worry­-free, too, as all pieces are detachable for easy cleaning, the metals we use won’t rust, and every part is replaceable.


Make Your Own Hookah

Because we know the fun of creating and the joy of owning something unique, MYA lets you build your hookah from a wide choice of vases, hoses, bowls, and stems.


Mya Carrying Cases

For your comfort and better care of your MYA hookah, most pieces come with a black case for carrying convenience and easy storage.


No Hassle Returns

If for any reason you are not happy with your MYA Hookah, simply send it back to us within 14 days of receipt for a full refund within 10­-14 days. Please see our returns policy here.


Secure Shopping

All personal data transmitted through our site is encrypted using SSL or ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ technology, meaning that no one other than MYA can see your information.


Easy Shipping

MYA ships to all U.S. states and territories within 4­5 days and outside the U.S. within 10­-17 days. Please see our shipping FAQ for more information.


We’re Here For Your Questions

A MYA Hookah professional is available to answer all your hookah questions. Simply fill out the contact form or phone us on (866) 277-9692.

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Feel free to contact us at (866) 277-9692 and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

These items are intended for use with legal smoking products only. The sale of this product may be limited by the law of your state to persons 21 years of age and older.

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